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I'm so wet and hot乱中年女人伦av三区

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I'm so wet and hot乱中年女人伦av三区

Incestuous Tales of the QuarantineStory Five: Daughter's Hot Mom SeductionBy mypenname3000Copyright 2020Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!It was week two of the quarantine, and I was making raspberry jam with Mom.We had gone out to the grocery store to get supplies and found the raspberries on sale. Mom leaped at the opportunity to buy them and we were both excited to make some jam. We had been making a lot of jams and canned food since quarantine started.I guessed we were doing some prepping for the family.Dad was up in his office working from home these days. My little sister, Linda, was up there, too. She was such a daddy's girl. At eighteen, she was getting all cute and precocious typing her dumb stories while Dad worked. My twin brother, Clancy, was out in the garage working on that muscle car he was rebuilding. We were twenty-one, and he had always been a bit of a motorhead. He just wasn't that skilled at it because he was taking forever. He had had all the parts for months now, but he finally had no distractions. Renee, the middle kid, just spent her time sun tanning and hoping Clancy would notice that she had a pair of ripe, round tits.I know I had noticed how sexy they were.Mom and I were at the simmering stage where there wasn't much to do. We had a huge collection of jars ready to be filled. We were in the workroom. It was Mom's crafting place. I had spent many a weekend or afternoon in here helping her out. We would make Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, jewelry, jams, can food, sew clothes, and so much more. I had always enjoyed making things with her. And now that we were in quarantine, it kept me from going crazy.“Are you horny all the time, Mom?” I asked her, that itch building in me.“Nancy?” Mom spluttered. She glanced at me, her blonde hair held back by the bandanna she wore while working in here. She had on mom jeans and a t-shirt that did little to hide how busty she was. She outdid all three of her daughters. Linda, Renee, and I all had nice, round, and perky tits, but Mom's were big.“You know, horny?” I asked. “I'm just horny all the time.”“Well, I have your father,” Mom said, her cheeks a little pink. I sighed. “Lucky.”“Going boy crazy?” she asked, a smile on her lips. She knew I was sexually active. I don't know when she figured it out, but she had come up to me a few months after I had turned eighteen and made sure I was being safe.“Yeah,” I said. “And girl crazy, too.”Mom blinked. “Girl... crazy. You're into girls?”“Well, yeah,” I said. “I like them both. Lot of girls are bi these days.”“Oh.” Mom glanced at the mixture bubbling away. It had to reduce down for the next hour. She gave it a stir. We were on low heat so it didn't burn. “So you never...?” I asked.Mom shook her head, her blonde hair spilling out the back of her bandanna swaying. Of us kids, Renee had blonde hair. I had brown, like my twin brother. Linda had black like our Dad. I bit my lip, studying Mom. She looked uncomfortable.That made me itch more. “Oh, Mom, it's great fooling around with a girl. You get to play with her tits and lick her pussy.”“Nancy!” Mom gasped, giving me this shocked look.“Lighten up, Mom.” I bumped my hip into hers. “Girls can really make each other cum.” I licked my lips. “Ooh, I could go for a hot pussy right now.”Mom stirred the mixture again. She clearly didn't know what to say. We had talked boys before, but I had never let her in on my love of girls. I had all these naughty ideas percolating in my mind. Kinky ones involving my family.We were trapped in quarantine for at least another two weeks, and there were rumors it would extend even longer. “But the only women around are you and my sisters,” I said.“Poor you,” Mom said politely. “I know, it's such a shame, right?” I asked.“Shame?” Mom asked, glancing at me. She had blue eyes.“That me and you can't fool around.”Mom blushed like a girl. It was so hot to see. She turned back to the mixture, stirring it. I hummed, wondering if my seeds would bear me any fruit. Because I was horny. The idea of fooling around with Mom, well, that would be hot. Incest... I had always wanted to try out incest.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two days later, we were making pear jelly.“God, I am so horny,” I groaned as Mom turned the mixture down to simmer. I was washing some of the dishes in the sink, my hips wiggling back and forth. “I just want to lick out some cunt, Mom.”“Nancy,” she groaned. “You really don't have to tell me these things.” She squirmed. Today, she wore a different pair of mom jeans and a purple blouse. She had a matching bandanna tying back her hair. I just used a scrunchy with my brown locks.“God, after I ate the girl out, she would go down on me. Just go to town on my twat, Mom.” I shuddered. “I tried to get together with Stephanie.”“You and Stephanie?” Mom asked, staring at me in shock.“She was my first,” I said. “I mean, what did you think we were doing during our slumber parties.”“Watching movies, playing truth or dare, maybe practicing kissing boys.”“So you have kissed a girl,” I said, grinning.“Practice,” she said. “It wasn't like any of us got into it.”“You should have,” I groaned. “Oh, wow, it was hot the first time me and Stephanie made love. We had no idea what we were doing, but we made each other cum.” I rubbed my thighs together. “Anyways, Stephanie's parents won't let her out of lockdown. I wanted to just sneak out and do something.”“Sorry,” Mom said, her voice tight.“I'm just going to lose my mind,” I said, my pussy on fire. I stared at Mom. At her pink cheeks. She had been acting weird since I first brought up girls. Had she been thinking about it? Did she regret never going down on her friends at those slumber parties where they practiced kissing? Did she feel that itch growing? She was in her early forties. They said women's sex drives could go wild at that age. Hot MILFs looking for new experiences. I could be that new experience.My pussy clenched. My panties soaked up my juices. My bush drank them in. I had trimmed my pubic hair this morning, grooming myself down there for the first time since quarantine. I bit my lip. Could I go for it? Was I insane for wanting to seduce my hot mom?Maybe, but...“Fuck, Mom,” I said and then unsnapped my jeans. “Sorry, I just... I have to. I'm so horny.”“Have to...?” Mom glanced over to see me sliding my hand into the fly of my skinny jeans. I brushed my panties' waistband. My fingers slid into it and brushed through my brown bush. I groaned as I stroked through those hairs. Many girls my age shaved, but I loved the feel of having pubic hair. I liked going down on a girl with a bush. I loved nuzzling into her silky hairs before eating her out.I hoped Mom had a thick bush.“Nancy!” she gasped after finally gathering herself. “What are you doing?”“Masturbating,” I groaned, rubbing my fingers up and down my furred muff. My silky hairs rubbed on the palm of my hand. I ground the heel into my clit as I thrust two fingers into my cunt. “Oh, yes, I just need a good cum.“You can't do it here,” she said, staring at me in shock. “Nancy!”“Relax, Mom,” I said, thrusting my fingers into my pussy. My twat squeezed about them. I massaged my sheath. My digits felt so wicked inside of me. “It's just masturbation. I bet you do it.”“Not that often,” she muttered. “I have your father.”“Uh-huh,” I panted. “But he's working. You could just slide your fingers into your jeans and rub yourself.”She stared at me as I frigged myself. I slid a hand up my baby doll t-shirt to grip my left tit. A nice D-cup. I didn't have a bra on right now. My nipples poked at the fabric. I squeezed my boob through the cloth, delight rushing down to my pussy.That made my cunt squeeze tighter about my digits. I whimpered as I thrust my fingers in and out of my cunt. I pleasured myself while Mom watched. She shook her head, shocked that I could even be doing this.I grinned, loving her reaction. It was so hot. It made my cunt clench. Heat rushed through my body. I trembled as I thrust my digits into my twat's depths. Mom's shocked, blushing expression made me quiver.“Just unsnap you're jeans and rub one out,” I groaned. “The pears are simmering. You have the time to have a nice cum.”“Nancy!” she gasped, her hips wiggling from side to side. “That's so wrong. I'm your mother.”“And?” I rolled my eyes. “It's just masturbation. My friends and I do this together all the time. We just all frig our twats and cum. It's no big deal.”“It feels like a big deal,” she said, watching my hand grope my tit, the other moving around beneath my jeans. The denim slipped off my hips as I worked my two digits in and out of my cunt. I shuddered at what I was doing to myself.It felt amazing.I thrust my fingers deep into my cunt. I reamed my twat as I stared at my mother. She squirmed there, her big boobs jiggling beneath her blouse. Her thighs rubbed together, the rasp of denim whispering through the workroom.“Come on, Mom,” I cooed. “You're horny. Just do it. Slide that hand into your panties and frig your cunt. It'll be great.”She bit her lip.“You know you want to,” I cooed. “Just unsnap those jeans and get wild. It'll pass the time and we'll both be feeling amazing after we've had a nice cum.” My pussy clenched down on my digits. “Ooh, I got two fingers in me. It feels amazing. Don't be left out, Mom. Let's cum together. We'll feel closer than ever.”“Nancy,” Mom groaned, her hands rubbing at her thighs now through her jeans. She bit her lip and looked around to the door. It led out to the rest of the house. “No one comes in here but me and you,” I said. “Dad and Linda are upstairs, Clancy's in the garage, and Renee's sunning by the pool. No one will bother us. It's okay. You're a woman, too. Nothing wrong with masturbating.”“With my daughter?” she asked, her hands sliding up to her fly. “That feels wrong, but...”“But you're horny,” I said, winking at her. “Just unsnap that fly and join me. Ooh, it's going to be so hot, Mom.”Her fingers unsnapped her jeans. The pop made my pussy clench about my two digits. My cream soaked my palm. I shuddered, kneading my tit harder. Mom's zipper rasped down. The purple panties she wore peeked through the open fly.I grinned. She had matched her panties to her blouse and bandanna. I loved it.Her hand pressed into her panties while she had this look of shock on her face like she couldn't quite believe she was doing this. Then she let out a groan, long and slow, full of release. Her hand moved beneath her panties, fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.“Mmm, see, that's good,” I purred, thrusting my digits in and out of my cunt. The pleasure rippled through my body. “Right?”“Yeah,” Mom groaned. She licked her lips, her breasts rising and falling. “That's... Yeah, that's good. Ooh, that does feel nice.”“Right?” I asked and smiled. “Just work those digits in and out of your cunt. Come on, thrust those fingers in fast and hard.”“Yes!” She threw back her head. Her left hand tore off her bandanna. Her blonde hair fell loose about her flushed face. Her big boobs jiggled beneath her top. I licked my lips, staring at those lush mounds. “Oh, yes, that's good.”“Naughty mommy!” I cooed, jamming my fingers into my silky depths. “Frigging your twat before your daughter.”“So naughty!” she moaned.The heel of my hand ground on my clit. My little bud burst with naughty sparks that showered through my pussy. My twat squeezed hard around my digits. I thrust them in hard and fast. I loved the feel of my ticklish bush on my palm.My toes curled in my shoes. I whimpered. Mom groaned. She rubbed her left hand across her stomach, the right busy beneath her panties. The purple cloth molded to her knuckles. Her jeans slipped off and fell down to her ankles, exposing her lush thighs.I grinned at how hot my mother was. I groaned, aching for us to go further than this but masturbating before each other was hot. We stared at each other, the peach jam simmering on the stove. I licked my lips, my hand squeezing my breast through my top. My nipples throbbed, rubbing against the fabric of my t-shirt.“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Ooh, I'm going to cum, Mom.”“Yeah,” she panted. Her back arched, her big boobs jiggling. “This is... I... Oh, I'm so wet and hot, Nancy.”“Good,” I groaned. “Don't hold back, Mom. Just let yourself go. Cum. You deserve it. You're a sexy woman. You deserve to have your pleasure.”“I do!” Her face twisted in rapture. I loved it. I ground the heel of my hand on my clit. My bud burst with sparks, feeding the growing orgasm in me. My cunt grew hotter around my digits. I thrust them in and out of me faster and faster.Then I added a third finger. I buried it in deep, stretching myself out even more. I groaned, working my digits in and out of me so fast. Mom whimpered before me. She bit her lip, her left hand creeping higher and higher up her torso.She groped her own boobs before me, sliding her hand from right tit to left and then back again. She gasped, her hand moving faster and faster. I licked my lips, watching my mother, my orgasm swelling in me.“Two fingers or three?” I asked her.“Three!” she moaned.“Me, too,” I gasped. “I'm going to cum. I'm getting so close. I need this, Mom. I need it.”“Do it, honey!” Her blue eyes squeezed shut. She gasped. “Four fingers now!”“Go, Mom!” I gasped, my pussy clenching on my three. I shuddered, my clit throbbing beneath the heel of my hand. I rubbed hard against my bud. My orgasm burst inside of me.“I'm cumming!”My pussy convulsed around my digits. Juices gushed out, bathing my hand. The pleasure rushed through me. That amazing surged of bliss spilled endorphins through my brain. My thoughts lit up with rapture. Stars danced before my eyes.My mother watched me cum. She frigged herself as I shook through my orgasm. The spasms racked me. I groaned, hitting that wonderful peak. It was an amazing climax for masturbating. One of the best moments of self-love.“Oh, my god,” Mom groaned. “Oh, my god, you came. I... I... Yes!”I watched in awe as my mother climaxed. Her big boobs heaved in her shirt. Her head threw back, blonde hair dancing. She stumbled, her left hand grabbing the counter to support herself. Her moans echoed through the workroom. I loved it. I licked my lips, my cunt on fire despite cumming. My twat squeezed about my digits still buried in me. I watched the ecstasy spill over my mother's face. She surrendered to the rapture of it. I groaned at how gorgeous she was.How much I wanted her.Then our orgasms passed. She fell into panting bliss. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, my hand dripping in my juices. The spicy aroma of my pussy filled my nose. Mom shuddered. She blinked her eyes. Then she pulled her hands out of her panties.“Oh, wow, that was good,” she said.“I bet,” I said, grabbing her hand. She blinked in shock as I pulled her digits, covered in her pussy juices, to my lips. Her tangy aroma filled my nose. Then I shoved them into my mouth. I sucked her cream off of them. Mom's jaw dropped as I savored the incestuous flavor of her cunt.I sucked on her for a moment. I swirled my tongue around her nub. Then I slid my lips off of her and turned back to the pears. I gave them a stir with the wooden spoon while Mom stared at me with such shock.Then she pulled up her jeans and looked away from me. I smiled.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next day, Mom kept staring at me. We were making pickled carrots. I loved the way she looked at me, remembering how I had sucked off her pussy cream. How we had masturbated together. I sealed the jar closed, locking the last of sliced carrots in the seasoned brine.“Well,” I said, looking at Mom.She swallowed, pulling off her blouse. “Are we...?”“You want to masturbate together, Mom?” I asked. She blushed so prettily. She swallowed, her hands rubbing at her thighs. I licked my lips. This was perfect. I pounced on my mother. She wasn't ready for me to push her back against the counter and kiss her on the mouth. I thrust my tongue past her lips.She moaned and then her arms were around me. She kissed me back with this fiery heat. My mother and I locked lips. I groaned, my hands sliding up her sides to squeeze her breasts through the tight, blue t-shirt she wore today. I squeezed those big boobs through her top and bra, feeling their softness through the fabric.She whimpered, her hands grabbing my ass through the skirt I wore today. My pussy clenched. I had no panties on beneath. I felt so wicked as I kissed Mom with hunger. She whimpered into it, her fingers digging into my rump.Then she froze. She ripped her mouth from mine. “Nancy!”“Mmm, yes, Mom?” I cooed, squeezing both her breasts, groping the sides of them. I rubbed my nose against hers.“We can't do this,” she groaned. “This is way, way too far. We have to stop.”“That's not happening,” I said and kissed my mother again. She groaned against my lips. She kissed me back with hunger. She had been thinking about doing things with me. All those seeds had sprouted, and now I was reaping all my rewards. I loved it. My tongue danced with hers. Her fingers dug into my rump. They felt so delicious groping me. I nibbled on her lips, loving every second of this.She thrust her tongue into my mouth. She danced it around. I groaned, kissing her with such hunger. She whimpered into the kiss. Her fingers gripped my rump. I massaged her tits, loving the feel of them.I had to touch them directly.I broke the kiss. Mom panted as I grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up. She licked her lips and then thrust her arms up in the air. I tore it off, and she grabbed my cheeks and kissed me with such hunger. Such wanton, naughty mommy-lust.My hands slid around her back and found the clasp of her bra. I twisted it. The band sprang apart. I loved it. Mom nibbled on my lower lip. God, she was turning me on so much. My pussy soaked my bush.I broke the kiss and pulled the bra off of her. She shuddered, her large, pale tits coming into view. They were snowy mounds topped by dark-red nipples. I licked my lips at the sight of them, my hands cupping her breasts.“Oh, Mommy, these are gorgeous,” I groaned and then shot my head down. I sucked the nub into my mouth.“Nancy!” she gasped as I sucked. “Oh, god, I can't believe I'm doing this.”I smiled around her nub for a moment, elation rushing through me. I had seduced my mom into incest. I had her now. I would be eating her pussy, and then she would be going down on me. And I had other ideas,边做边爱边吃奶叫床的视频 too.Naughty ones.I nibbled and sucked and swirled my tongue around her fat nub. I used to nurse from this tit as a babe. She would have held me to her breast with Clancy. My brother and I would have sucked on them with such hunger.“Nancy,” she groaned, staring down at me with those blue eyes. “You... I... Oh, Nancy. That's good. That's really good.”I bet it was making her wet, too. I had to find out.As I sucked on her fat nub, loving the feel of that wonderful nipple between my lips, my hands slid down her thighs. I found her jeans. Were they tighter than her normal pair? She definitely had on that tighter t-shirt. And some makeup. Redder lips. Eye shadow.Mom gussied up for me. How sweet of her.My hands slid along the waistband of her jeans to find the clasp. I popped them open. The loud snap echoed through the air. It made me shiver. I loved it. My cunt clenched as I sucked with hunger on her nipple. My hands shoved her jeans down, my lips nibbling on her nub. “Nancy,” she cooed, pulling away from the counter so I could shove down her jeans. “You are such a wicked girl. I can't believe you did this.”I plopped my mouth off to stare up at her. “Seduce you?”She nodded, my hands rolling her jeans off her thighs.“I'm just a wicked, wicked girl,” I cooed, shoving her pants further and further down her thighs.”“You are,” she groaned. She shook her head. “Just such a naughty girl.”I giggled as I nuzzled my lips into her left breast. I kissed around her areola, smooching at her skin. As I did, my hands slid up her thighs to her panties. They were silk and smooth, a ruffle of lace around the edges. Those felt sexy.I pulled my head from her breasts to stare down at them. Red. A sultry crimson with black lace. I hooked my finger into her panties and tugged, pulling the elastic waistband from her skin. I caught a glimpse of a blonde bush.“I think you wanted to be seduced,” I cooed, “since you wore these sexy panties.”I released the waistband. It snapped against her skin. She shuddered and whimpered. “Maybe I did. After you sucked my cream off your fingers...”“How many times did you masturbate last night?” I asked as I ducked in to suck on her left nipple.“A few times,” she moaned then gasped as I sucked on her nub.I nursed on her nipple. To my delight, Mom started exploring my body. She shoved her hands up beneath my t-shirt. I groaned as she reached up towards my boobs. She gripped them. I gasped around her nub as she squeezed my naked tits.She groped my D-cup titties. She kneaded them. I groaned, sucking hard on her nubs. I loved the feel of her in my mouth. I whirled my tongue around her nipple. She groaned, her passion echoing around the room. Her fingers dug into my firm tits. She worked up to my own nubs. Pinched them.I groaned, my cunt clenching. Juices trickled down my thighs.“Oh, Nancy,” she groaned. “Ooh, you have such a ripe pair of tits. I used to have tits as firm as these. Then I had four children.”I popped my mouth off her nipple and hefted her heavy boobs. “You have gorgeous tits, Mom. I bet Dad loves them.”“Let's not talk about your father,” she groaned. “Not when I'm...”“It's not cheating if it's in the family,” I proclaimed and then ducked my head down and sucked on her right nipple again. Hard.She gasped, her fingers digging into my breasts. That made me shiver. Made me hungry. I wanted to lick the pussy that birthed me. I was so glad I started my plans to do naughty and kinky things with Mom. Renee would gladly jump Clancy's bones once I gave them a push, and Linda was such a Daddy's girl I was shocked she wasn't already gagging on our father's cock.Well, she was eighteen and a virgin, so some allowance had to be given.I sucked one last time on Mom's nipple, bringing a gasp of delight from her, then I sank down to the floor. My breasts pulled away from her hand as I settled to my knees, my skirt fluttering. Mom's panties were right before my face. Some of her blonde curls peeked out of the leg holes. I breathed in, her tangy musk filling my nose.“Mmm, Mommy,” I breathed, sliding my hands up her shaved legs. They were smooth and toned. “You are so sexy. I've wanted to eat your pussy out for so long.”“You're a naughty one, Nancy,” she groaned. “I can't believe you're into this.”“Incest?” I grinned, hooking the waistband of her panties. “Yes!” she moaned.I tugged at her lacy panties. I worked them off slowly. I peeled them down, loving the way they rolled off of her. I licked my chops, just so eager to feast on her pussy. Her blonde bush sprang up, no longer compressed by the tight cloth. Her tangy scent grew stronger and stronger.Her pussy lips peeked through her forest of blonde curls. I salivated at the sight of them. I kept rolling off Mom's panties down her thighs. Her big boobs jiggled over me. She gripped the edge of the counter, staring down at me with wild, blue eyes.“I'm going to devour that pussy, Mommy,” I moaned. “I'm going to feast. You're going to love it.”“Oh, god,” she breathed, her tits rising and falling. “I've really never done it with a woman. This is...”“Heady?”She nodded, boobs jiggling.I grinned as I pulled her panties and jeans off her feet one by one. She stepped out of them, thigh muscles flexing with lithe delight. I shoved them to the side. Then I peeled off my own t-shirt, baring my perky tits. They bounced as I moved in to lick at my mother's cunt.I salivated to lap at that cunt. To feast on the hole that had birthed me. This was the kinkiest thing I had ever done. I smacked my lips. I leaned in and pressed my face up between her thighs, my brown hair brushing her flesh. I came closer and closer to her pussy.“Nancy,” whimpered Mom, her big boobs swaying above me.“Relax, Mom,” I groaned. “You're going to love this.”I pressed my lips into her bush. Her silky curls spilled over my lips. And then I was kissing at her cunt. My tongue fluttered up and down her slit, gathering up her tangy juices. I groaned, savoring her Mommy cream. It was delicious. I had to have more. I licked and lapped at her thick pussy lips. I slid through those folds, making her gasp. Her big boobs jiggled above my head. Her face twisted in delight. I thrust my tongue up into her cunt. Into the very hole that had birthed me.“Nancy!” Her gasp echoed through the workroom. “Oh, my god, Nancy! That's so good!”. I loved the way she shuddered as I swirled my tongue around in her tangy depths. It was such a treat to feel her trembling. She ground her twat on my mouth. She wiggled her hips, smearing her flesh across my face, her bush tickling my nose and cheeks. I feasted on her. I thrust my tongue into her depths a second time. I stirred around in her.The way she moaned was delicious. It was so hot to have her shuddering. Her tits jiggled as she ground herself on my mouth. Her bush slid over my face. It was fantastic to enjoy. I loved those silky curls spilling over my features.“Oh, my god, yes,” I groaned. “You taste good, Mom!”“You feel good!” she moaned, her body trembling. “Oh, Nancy, what are you doing to me?”“Devouring you!”I thrust my tongue back into her depths, my hands sliding around to grab her butt-cheeks. I gripped and kneaded them. I slid my fingers around her plump rump as I swirled my tongue around in her cunt. My lips worked on her pussy lips, her bush caressing my cheeks.Juices ran down my chin. Her hot cream. That tangy delight. The flavor of her grew and grew in my mouth. She had such a tasty cunt. I loved it. I shuddered, lost to the bliss of not just eating my first pussy in over two weeks, but my mother's pussy.I feasted on mommy cunt. What a delight.“Nancy, yes!” she moaned, her hands grabbing her big boobs. “Ooh, that's good.” Then she did something so hot.She lifted her right breast and sucked on her own nipple.She did it with such practice skill that she must nurse herself often. I bet she did it when Daddy fucked her. It must drive him wild. He's so lucky to get to see something that hot. I groaned, my tongue dancing around in her cunt as she sucked on her nipple. Her pussy clenched around my probing appendage.God, she was so sexy. So hot. My fingers dipped into her butt-crack as she nursed herself. I slid down and found her asshole. I massaged against it. She groaned and sucked harder on her nipple. She didn't feel like a stranger to some ass play.I thrust my middle finger into her bowels.She moaned in delight.Her velvety flesh engulfed my digit. Her tight bowels squeezed about it. I loved the sounds she made. My own pussy grew hotter, molten juices dribbling down my thighs. I flicked my tongue up through her lips to her clit. As I swirled around it, my thumb slid over her taint and into her bush. I found the entrance to her cunt.Thrust my fat digit inside of her.She groaned louder about her nipple, her holes squeezing about my thumb and middle finger. I sucked on her clit, nursing on that bud with the same sloppy intensity she suckled at her own nipple. I pumped my digits in and out of her pussy and asshole.Her mouth popped off her nipple. “Oh, my god, Nancy. You're going to make me cum!”“Good,” I moaned, my nose pressed into her bush. Her tangy aroma filled my nostrils. Her naughty flavor soaked my taste buds. “Cum for me, Mom!”I sucked on her clit, my lips sealed over her bud. My thumb pumped into her silky cunt and my middle finger into her asshole. I worked them in and out of her as I nursed on her bud. Her boobs jiggled as she shuddered.Her moans grew louder and louder, her blue eyes staring down at me. They blazed with such intensity. I thrust my thumb and middle finger deep into her holes. My lips nibbled on her clit. She gasped.Hot cunt cream gushed out around my thumb.I ripped my fingers from her holes and sealed my mouth around her climaxing cunt. I drank down her tangy passion, reveling in the incestuous juices gushing out of my mother's cunt. She threw back her head. “Yes, yes, yes, Nancy!” she cried, her big boobs heaving. “Oh, that's so good. That's amazing!”I drank down the cream like it was the sweetest ambrosia. I had never tasted a hotter cunt. This was such a special twat. My mother's cunt. I hoped to devour both my sisters' snatches, but I couldn't imagine that they would be as delicious to enjoy as my mother's.“Oh, my god, I love this!” Mom howled as she had both her first lesbian and first incestuous orgasm.I gave my mom that bliss.Her boobs heaved. They smacked together, rippling from the impact. Her juices ran down my chin towards my own jiggling boobs. My hands gripped her rump as I gulped down her cream. I loved her passion. I wanted to keep drinking it.But she hit her peak.She panted, her head lolling back. Her gasps echoed through the workroom. I loved the way her big boobs swayed. She sucked in deep breaths, her head swaying from right to left. She closed her eyes, a smile spreading on her lips.“That was amazing,” she purred. “Oh, that was just fantastic.”“I know,” I said and stood up. I shoved off my skirt and stepped back. It dropped down to my feet. I hopped up on the worktable in the center of the room facing her. I spread my legs. “I got a pussy in need of being licked now, Mommy.”She shuddered. I hadn't called her mommy in years. She licked her lips, her eyes locked on my brown-furred muff. I leaned back on my hands, my boobs quivering. My toes curled. I was barefoot. So eager for the fun to begin.Mom did something that shocked me. She grabbed a wooden spoon. It had a long, narrow, and smooth handle. An improvised dildo? Or did she want to spank me like she had when I was a kid? I could be down for some spanks.“I've never done this, but...” she said, falling to her knees before me, her face level with my twat. “So I hope it's good.”“Just do what I did to you,” I groaned. “Or Dad. He must go down on you.”“He does,” she said, a shiver running through her. “Oh, yes, he does.”Then she buried her face into my bush. My brown curls spilled over her lips and nose moments before she kissed at my cunt. I gasped at the incestuous contact of my mother's mouth on my cunt. She smooched up and down my flesh. I groaned at the naughty feeling.Her tongue flicked out. She stroked up my slit. My pussy lips burst with pleasure. She brushed my clit. I gasped, my round boobs shaking. My fingers twitched against the polished wood of the worktable. She licked me again and again, moaning.“You like that, don't you?” I purred. “The taste of your daughter's cunt, Mommy?”“Yes,” she groaned, her blue eyes blazing up at me. “Yes, I do.”I shuddered as she thrust her tongue into my cunt. I gasped at the feel of my mommy swirling around inside of me. The pleasure rippled through my body. It was such a treat. I loved every moment of this. I savored every second of Mom licking and lapping and devouring my cunt.She feasted on me with hunger. I groaned, savoring her tongue dancing around in me. I threw back my head, my boobs jiggling. This was incredible. I had my mother feasting on me with hunger. She devoured my twat like it was the sweetest ambrosia.“It's hot, right?” I groaned. “The incest?”“Yes!” she whimpered. “It's hot. It's so hot.”She flicked her tongue up to my clit. I gasped as she brushed my bud. At the same time, she pressed the handle of the wooden spoon into my cunt. I groaned as she pressed it in. Thicker than a finger or even a thumb, it stimulated my cunt. And it kept sliding deeper and deeper into me as she fluttered her tongue against my bud.I gasped as the smooth shaft massaged my pussy walls. She pressed it all the way to my cervix. I groaned, loving the feel of that narrow shaft inside of me. My twat clenched about it. She kissed my clit. Nibbled on it.“Oh, Mom,” I groaned, savoring the make-shift dildo being in me. “That's hot. Fuck that shaft in and out of my cunt. Make me cum, Mommy!”She pulled back the dildo. I groaned, savoring it sliding out of my pussy. It sent a wild thrill through my body. My boobs quivered. Her tongue licked at my clit, adding those sparks of delight to the silky friction.She pulled the spoon out too much. It popped out of my cunt, leaving me aching to be filled. I whimpered, wanting to have it ramming back into my snatch and reaching to my cervix. I quivered in anticipation.Only my mother was far, far naughtier than I had ever imagined.She pressed it against my asshole. I gasped as she drilled it against my anal ring. Slicked by my pussy juices, my sphincter relaxed and swallowed it. I groaned as she slid it into me. My toes curled. My back arched. I gasped as she went deeper and deeper into my bowels.“Fuck, Mom!” I groaned, my face twisting up with rapture. “Oh, fuck, that's good. That's just delicious.”“I know,” Mom cooed. “Mmm, I thought you'd like it up the ass. I know I do.”“Mom!” I gasped as that wooden handle reached so far into my bowels. It was incredible to feel. “Oh, my god, Mom, that's great. Yes, yes, just like that. Ooh, work that handle in and out of my asshole.” She did. She fluttered her tongue around my clit and fucked the handle in and out of my asshole. My legs kicked. I moaned out my passion, savoring every moment of that polished-smooth shaft burying into my anal depths and then pulling back. The velvety friction melted passion down to my cunt. My clit burst with sparks from her sucking.She fucked that naughty handle in and out of my bowels. My mother was such a wild delight. I was so glad that I had seduced her. Ooh, I would make quarantine into such a naughty event. I had kinky plans. Wild and naughty ideas.“Yes, yes, yes, Mommy!” I moaned. “Ooh, fuck your daughter's asshole. Yes, yes, just like that. You're such a wicked Mommy!”“I know,” she moaned into my clit. She fluttered her tongue across my bud. The pleasure burst through my body. “Mmm, just such a wicked slut.”She rammed that wooden handle in and out of my bowels. She fucked me with passion. It was such a wild delight to experience. I groaned, my toes curling as she thrust it into my asshole. Her tongue swirled around my clit.I squeezed my thighs around her head. I held her to my pussy, her blonde curls spilling over my thighs. My breasts quivered as I sucked in breaths. My orgasm built and built, stirred up by the wooden handle fucking my asshole.“Goddamn, Mommy!” I moaned. “Oh, goddamn, that's good. You're so wild. You're going to have me cumming and cumming and fucking cumming!”“Mmm, good,” Mommy purred. She fluttered her tongue around my clit. Then she nibbled on it. “I want you to cum as hard as you made me. It was so hot.”I shuddered and then gasped at how hard she nursed on my clit. She sucked on that naughty nub. My asshole clenched down on her thrusting the handle in and out of my bowels. It was fantastic to enjoy. Just a wild passion to experience. She sucked harder on my clit. My bud burst with sparks. My asshole clung to the wooden spoon handle. It plunged deep and hard into my asshole. The velvety stimulation heated up my cunt. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming.I bit my lip, my entire body shaking. I would have such a mighty climax. A wondrous burst of ecstasy that would sweep through my body. I shuddered, my head swaying from side to side. This was incredible.I loved this.“Oh, god, Mom, I'm going to cum!” I moaned.“Good,” she purred, jamming the makeshift dildo hard into my bowels. She nibbled on my clit. “Cum for Mommy!”I shuddered. She was such a kinky MILF. I was glad I started with her. My toes curled, my boobs jiggling. I whimpered and groaned, my orgasm about to burst through me. She pumped the spoon hard and fast in and out of my bowels. My clit throbbed in her hungry mouth.Mom jammed the handle deep into my asshole while sucking hard on my clit. I gasped out as the pleasure burst through me. I groaned, my legs kicking out. My pussy convulsed and gushed juices. My passion echoed through the workroom.“Mommy!”Her lips darted down to lap up my cream flowing out. My bowels rippled around the spoon, celebrating the passion of this moment. It was incredible. I loved it. Savored it. This was so hot to feel. I loved every second of it.My mind boiled from the rapture that swept through me. Stars burst across my vision. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned and gasped. My boobs jiggled and my toes curled as the incestuous pleasure smothered my thoughts.“Oh, Nancy, yes!” Mom moaned as she lapped up my cream.“Mommy!” I gasped, spasming. “Oh, Mommy, this is so hot. Ooh, we're going to have so much fun in quarantine!”“Yes, we are!” she moaned.I hit the heady peak of my orgasm. I quivered there. My toes curling. It felt so amazing. My asshole rippled around that naughty spoon. Then Mom rose, her chin dripping with pussy cream. She kissed me hard on the mouth.I shuddered, our naked boobs pressing tight. I knew that we would get so wild in here. We would be doing such nasty things to each other. I couldn't wait to find out what other items we could use on each other.What other naughty kitchen implements and crafting tools could be used to make each other cum. I knew we would find out.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two days later, the third week of quarantine started. It was time to expand my incestuous plans.I was in the workshop with Mom. We just had a wild romp, the air reeking of our hot pussies. “I had a naughty idea,” I said as I pulled on my purple panties.“Oh?” Mom panted, her big boobs heaving.“How would you like to eat a creampie?”Mom blinked. “A what?”“You know, eat cum out of a girl's pussy. My pussy.” I licked my lips. “I'd love to eat cream out of yours.”“Whose?” she asked, shuddering.“Dad's, of course,” I purred. “Why don't you go up there and give him some afternoon delight. I bet if you whisper the right words in his ears, he'll be more than excited to go fuck you. Just make sure he cums in you.”“Oh, god,” she groaned, licking her lips. Then her eyes narrowed. “You asked if I wanted to eat a creampie.”“Yeah,” I said, pulling on a pink babydoll t-shirt. “I'm going out to the garage to fuck Clancy. I bet I can get him to pound me hard. I just have to drop my shorts and panties, bend over the hood of the car he's working on, and he'll be all over me.” Then I could plant the seeds about him and Renee hooking up. Ooh, and maybe Linda will get curious about Mom and Dad fucking in the middle of the day. Get her jump-started on going after Dad.“That's so wild,” Mom moaned as I drew on my jean shorts. She had her own pair of tight shorts and a tank top that molded to her big breasts. She was dressing sexily for me. “Okay, honey, let's do it.”I grinned. My family would be passing quarantine in style. I'd have us all fucking and sucking and loving each other before it was over. Humming, I headed out to the garage where my twin brother awaited. I would give him a thrill.And, like I thought, Renee was sunbathing in a bikini, her nubile body just the sort of delight a big brother would enjoy. What a naughty day this would be. To be continued in the next Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine...