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the blue plug乱中年女人伦av三区

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the blue plug乱中年女人伦av三区

My name is... Let's go with Kate. I'm 28, 5'6 with very pale skin, hazel hair and eyes, freckles around my nose, a fairly athletic build and perky 36b breasts. The thing about me is I've always been extremely horny. For as long as I can remember I've just had this itch that keeps coming back and is not so easy to scratch, not that my husband.... Let's call him Tom has any issues with that. He's not a body builder buy any means but he works a very physically demanding job so he's quite fit, 6'1 with blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous 7 inch cock with the sexiest slight upward curve to it. We both have good jobs, him working for the city and me working for a small corporation that allows me to work from home, I really only have to go to the office for meetings or if someone really fucks up. Our jobs allow us to live quite comfortably in a 2 bedroom house in our small Californian cul-de-sac.We've been married 5 wonderful years during which time we have enjoyed a very strong D/S relationship. I LOVE being used, beaten and degraded with limits we still enjoy pushing and Tom is more than happy to oblige, since he gets as much sex in what ever way he wants. In fact he often forces me to have to wait for days or even weeks just so I'll go wild, I get off to much on the denial to masterbait without being ordered and he knows it. After all, I'm his whoreish little play thing. So the story that inspired me to start writing happened just a few days ago on September 1st 2019 after 4 days of me trying to seduce Tom and him denying me to keep me a squirming mess. I had just finished up the last of my work for the day and was about to log on and post to our FetLife account (which WILL NOT be shared here due to the nature of this story, sorry) when I hear my phone chime. I grab it expecting a text from work with updates or further paper work and instead see a text for Tom, checking the time I know he's probably just gotten off and just has to make the hour drive home. I read "I'm on my way whore" immediately I start getting hot and feel my pussy get wet knowing what's expected of me.You see, any time he sends a message like that I know 2 things. That Tom is horny and that he's had a frustrating day, meaning that I'm in for an absolutely brutal and degrading fuck. Any time he has a bad day he uses me and my kinks to relieve his pent up frustration. Not in any abusive or negative way, everything we do has been throughly discussed with limits set. He gets to release his stress through sex and I get the hardcore humiliation and rough sex I crave but he's often to genital of a man to give me. I immediately jump into action, I have a few things that are expected of me to have done before he gets home. They include giving myself a thorough enema as we often have anal sex or at the very least him shoving something up there when he's frustrated. Making sure I'm fully shaved though since I get regular waxings I know I'm good on that front, putting my hair into a pony tail for easier pulling and to give him a handle, putting Crash our chocolate lab outside, then dressed in only my collar, wrist and anckle cuff set, I must wait kneeling by the door till he gets home. I look around for Crash but I don't see him. Figuring I'll just take him out after the rest is done, I half sprint to the bathroom to start my enima and put on some make-up (I love it when it gets ruined and I look like the slutty mess I am) once I finished and I double checked myself I put my hair up while I walked to our "storage room". That's what we call it and don't let anyone see inside claiming it's a huge mess. I walk in and see the familiar sight of my favorite room in the whole house. Benches along 2 walls covered in toys, lube,whips, paddles, plugs, clamps as well as various restraints. Several pieces of furniture (most made by my husband) a stripper pole and various eye bolts set along the walls and ceiling. I grab some lube and a cone shaped dildo so I can get my ass stretched out a bit before he gets here. Afterward I put on my "outfit" and go crouch by the door knowing he's gonna be home any minute now. I wait kneeling with my hands, palms up resting on my legs. My legs are spread wide to give him a good view of my already wet pussy and my head is slightly lowered with my eyes aimed at the floor. I love waiting in this position, knowing I'm putting everything on hold to sit naked by the door and unable to change positions until he tells me to, not knowing exactly how long he's going to take. One time he decided to stop by the store and left me kneeling there for almost 40 minutes! It's such a huge turn on!Just as my mind started to wonder I heard the sound of his truck pulling up and my heart raced with newfound vigor as I grew unbearably horny almost unable to contain myself or sit still. His foot steps steadily approached and I hear the door unlock as he enters and walks past me without a word. Knowing better than to move or even look at him till ordered as I listen to his footsteps walk to the kitchen soon followed by the sound of the fridge opening and closing. As I hear him walking to the living room presumably to his favorite chair I hear a bottle being opened. My pussy surges and my heart raced, if he's having a beer as soon as he gets home that means it was a really bad day and I'm in for a hell of a rough dicking. The last time this happened he made me bounce my ass on his beer bottle while he throat fucked me. I would not be disappointed if that happened again! Plus it's a sure sign of watersports, beer goes right through him and he loves to have me squat outside or in the tub while he pisses all over me!After kneeling another couple of minutes of him intentionally making me wait he finally speaks "crawl over here and kneel, slut!" My pussy actively leaking down my thighs I crawl, keeping my eyes aimed at the floor till I see his worn leather boots. I kneel and excitedly wait for the next command. After another couple of sips from his beer he commands "Pull out my cock and suck it like the whore you are!" "Yes Master" is my only reply as with shaky hands I undo his pants and pull out his glorious cock. Knowing he doesn't want me to go slow I swallow it down with abandon, taking it to the base and sucking like my life depended on it. (Gotta love low gag reflexes) I was in extasy, bobbing my head as fast and as hard as I could, not bothering to hide my gaging or moans as I tried to suck the cum straight from his balls. Suddenly I feel a sharp tug of my hair as he pulls my head off of him and slaps me, using my hair to violently turn my head towards our bedroom "What the fuck is this you dumb cunt!?" He demands. Looking at the bedroom door I see Crash standing there looking at us, "FUCK" I thought. I got so distracted by my other preparations that to forgot to put him outside!!! "I know you're a dumb slut, but I thought our VERY simple rules would be easy enough for even you to follow! He whips my head back towards him and another slap stings the other side of my face before he pushes my head back to his cock. He begins using my hair as a handle to roughly throat fuck me, my pussy absolutely gushing.After a little while he yanks me by the hair back and stands up. With his hand still painfully pulling my hair back he begins pumping his cock aimed at my face. Large spurts of cum jet out of his beautiful dick, spraying me all over my face and mixing with the drool and tears already ruining my make-up. With his slowly deflating cock in hand he pulls my face in and drags his member all over my face spreading the mixture of fluids all over me. The pungent musk of his cum overtaking my sences he shoves his dick in my mouth, releasing my hair and "suck" is all he needs to say and I begin to clean him. The delicious taste of his cum and the chemical flavor of my running makeup mix as I clean him with abandon."Well slut" he forcefully says "since you can't seem to follow basic instructions it looks like I'll have to punish you. Crawl over to the toy room and bring back a tray with a syringe of lube, the blue plug, the spreader bar and wrist chain, a ball gag, the paddle, the chain flog and the funnel". With that he sits back down and starts drinking his beer hard and fast. Not sure why he wants the funnel but not about to question his orders I crawl to the room on wobbly legs, my cunt a drooling mess and my nipples as hard as diamonds I don't remember the last time I was this overpoweringly horny. Once I get to the room but remembering he never gave me permission to stand, I crawl around on the rubber floor grabbing the silver tray and working to gather the items. Filling a large syringe with lube and placing it next to the rest of the tools of my punishment I go to grab the last two things. The paddle and chain flogger. I grab the paddle but as I'm reaching for the flogger made with small chains in place of the normal leather I pause. I hate this thing, it stings like a motherfucker which is a huge turn on. But a devious idea crosses my mind. I instead grab my favorite riding crop, he knows I hate the flogger and if I bring him back the crop he will know I did it on purpose so he'll have to punish me. But by me doing something so brazen he will know I want it to be harsh and that I want to push my limits again.With a last mischievous grin I lower my body down so I can set the tray on my back and crawl back to my Master for punishment. I nearly came just from the thought! I crawl over till I'm again and looking at those worn black leather boots I chance a look up at him. His eyes scanning the contents neatly placed out on the tray I can tell when he spots the crop and after a brief moment a look of understanding comes over his face. He pulls the tray from my back and sets it on the floor next to me as he once again gets a form grip on my hair and forced my face into the plush rug. Letting go of my head he violently pulls my arms behind my back and locks them together with the chain before connecting the spreader bar and forcully spreading my legs painfully wide. Grabbing the ball gag he forces it in my mouth before saying "Are you fucking kidding me you stupid whore!? First you don't take the dog out then you grab the crop instead of the chain flogger like a commanded!?" I moan a pathetic attempt at an appology through the gag as he forcefully smacks his hand onto my sopping wet hole and violently shoves his fingers inside. He growls "Looks like your filthy fuckhole is making you dumber than normal and now I have go out of my way to punish you even harder so that a dumb slut like you can understand her fucking place!!!" With that he grabs the syringe and I feel him spreading lube all over my asshole and squirting some inside. With his cum drying on my face I feel him yank me by the waist forcing me to stand and balance on my head like a tripod, he shoves the funnel in my already well stretched asshole. I hear his zipper and a soft sigh as something warm starts filling my ass and I realize he's pissing in me!!!!! This is new! And holy FUCK I start getting off hard at how degrading him using my ass as his urinal is!!!! After what seems like 5 minutes of him pissing I feel him remove the funnel and press the lubbed up plug into me,边做边爱边吃奶叫床的视频 holding my asshole stretched and his piss inside me as I hear a swing and a sharp pain as the paddle connects with my ass. I fall back down on my knees and my cum soaked face drags across the carpet as he continues the assult on my ass. After a couple minutes my ass is on fire from the constant paddling and I can hear him breathing harder behind me as it stops. I feel my body start to loosen the tense pose I've been holding myself in, my mind a complete fog of lust as I breath and drool through the gag, tears running down my eyes, cum mixing with sweat, I breath hard hoping he will finally fuck me. I hear a swish as the crop makes a loud wet slap on my waterfall of a cunt and I cry out through the gag as he continues to beat my hot aching pussy. The crop then makes contact directly with my hard clit and I let out a moaning scream as I feel my orgasm about to arrive, he stops all hits as my orgasm fades while I cry and beg through the ball gag. He comes up and roughly gropes my pussy making me cry and moan more with both pain and need, grinding his hand on my soaked cunt he then rubs my cum all over my face mixing it with the other fluids before using my hair to dry his hand. I start moaning trying despite the gag to beg him to fuck me but he simply says In a calm commanding voice "Since you made me work up a sweat slut, I'm going to leave you right here while I go shower. Then I'll decide what I want to do with you whore. Since you want to leave the dog in here I might just leave you tied up in his doghouse for the night so you'll learn."With that he walks away leaving me a cum coated mess whining into my gag begging for release, my ruined orgasm now fully faded. No relief coming I lay there crying and unable to stop my ass from humping at some phantom stimulation I wish was there, making my husband piss slosh around my very full ass causing me to whimper more.So gone in this endless void of lust am I that I don't notice Crash coming up from behind me until I feel his cold nose on my inferno of a pussy. His long sandpaper tongue snaked out running along my cunt from clit to asshole as he begins licking me with abandon. In the back of my mind I knew I should be worried about where this would eventually lead or that I should try to roll away from him, but so lost in the fog of lust all I could do was rock my hips with his tongue feeling electric shocks of pleasure coarse through my body. I was in ecstasy, as his long tongue licked up my desperate cunt as an orgasm built right to the precipice. Then to my horror, he stopped. I wiggle my ass and tried to call him through the gag not mentally capable of being denied another orgasm. White hot pain shoots through me making me cry and moan as his claws dig into my back and then down my sides as I feel something even hotter than the fire in my pussy press up against my needy cunt. It dons on me what's happening just as his first thrust runs his hot long red cock against my pussy, missing the entrance. The stimulation making my again denied orgasm build higher and without thought or control I start thrusting back at him as he thrust into me. Each strike of his hot cock building me closer to that edge but each thrust failing to find it's mark and penetrate me. Just as I feel myself about to finally cum, he thrusts his molten hot dick into my now exploding pussy. I saw lights as wave after wave of pure pleasure rolled through my body with each orgasmic wave and each thrust of his massive doggy dick I felt more and more pleasure. Moaning like the waton whore I am thrusting back against my animal mate I could feel another orgasm building as he fucked me for several minutes. I start to feel a ball that wasn't there before, a growth getting bigger and bigger as it slid in and out of my already stretched cunt. I didn't care becuase it was giving me pleasure as his knot stretched my lips wider and his heavy balls swung into my engorged clit. Then I noticed as it was getting bigger and harder to fit in my sloppy cunt his thrusts started getting slower but harder until in one final hard thrust it went inside locking us together and sending me into another orgasmic wave. Just then I see my husband kneel down between us and place a bowl under us. In his other hand I saw a large mushroom headed anal plug. Before I can have any form of functional thought I feel Crashes canine cock tense inside me as molten hot cum sprayed into me. Some of it leaking out the sides of my heavily fucked pussy and into the bowl. For a long painful moment I can barely comprehend what is happening as my husband stares smiling at me, wave after wave of ecstasy rolling through me while Crash keeps testing, trying to pull his knot out of my dog cum filled fuckhole.Tom smiles and chuckles "Well slut, or should I say bitch. I was going to get him off of you till I heard you moaning like a whore and saw you thrusting back like a bitch in heat. I'd say this is a good enough punishment but I never gave you permission to cum, you dog fucking slut." "Since you enjoyed yourself so much I guess we are going to have to breed you with Crash more often. Who know, having his own bitch to breed might make him behave himself more."Just as Crash pulls, testing our bond again I feel his knot slip out and immediately Tom shoves the plug into my abused breeding hole. Before he could get it in all the way in place some of the doggie cum leaked out and into the bowl, followed by even more once the plug was inserted. Crash walked off to nurse his spent cock while Tom removed my wrist chain, spreader bar and gag. "I'm sorry Mas-" I start as he yanks my hair up and shoves my face in the bowl. He starts swirling my face around in the mix of my own cum and doggie cum as he growls "Open your mouth dog bitch, taste your studs cum you filthy whore!"One hand holding the syringe of lube and one holding my hair he half drags half leads me outside to our amply covered backyard. Letting go of my hair "Squat and pull out those plugs dog slut, empty you're filthy fuckholes right here!" he commands. I do as he says and squat on shaky legs as I pull both plugs out. Ive kept my eyes closed due to the thick layer of dog cum coating my face, nostrils and mouth. So I can't see the mess but by the feel of everything gushing out of my ass and cunt I can tell it's a big one. "Well you filthy dog fucking slut, it's my turn!"He again grabs my hair and roughly shoves my face into the ground in the puddle of cum and piss I just leaked as he sticks the syringe into my unfucked asshole and empties it before forcefully shoving his steel hard cock in me. I don't know how long he fucked me in the backyard with my face being rolled in the cum and piss soaked grass and dirt, the salty taste of my canine stud filling my mouth. I do know that he's wearing a cock ring becuase he violently fucks my ass for a several long painful orgasm building minutes before spraying his own hot cum inside me. After a pause and heavy breathing he asks "Why dont we get you inside and cleaned up babe." But not yet ready to end what has been the most erotic and degrading scene of my life I begged him through the cum dirt and grass "I need to cum, let me cum! Please let your dog fucking bitch whore cum!" Sitting there my now very abused holes sitting on the mess puddle, facefull of dog cum and begging to cum. I feel something cold touch my inferno of a cunt as he chuckles "Since you're a bitch in heat you may cum like one. Hump your dog cum soaked cunt on my boot till you cum. But if you do you'll be licking it clean, other than that we are done whore." Without hesitation I eagerly start grinding my sloppy cunt on his boot, the cold leather feeling amazing on my enflamed pussy and the ample amount of dog cum leaking from me making it easy to slide over. I hump with the furry only a truely degraded slut could manage until I violently cum on myhusband's boot. Without so much as a word I shakly and blindly lower myself down, now full body pressed into the degrading mess of a puddle while I without complaint lick his boot until I'm sure I got it all up. The saltyness of the cum mixing pleasantly with the leather and a hint of piss was my final degradation of the night. Or so I thought till he told me "Stay still whore, I'm not letting a filthy fucking mess like you back in the house till you've been cleaned up a bit" and started spraying me with the hose. About an hour and a half later we are curled up on the bed, freshly showered and holding each other as he tells me about his day and the things that had left him so angry. We talked about what had happened with Crash and I asked him if he had planned it. "Eventually" he said but not today. "I was planning on leaving you squirming for awhile before taking you to the backyard and fucking you hard for awhile then making you put your ass in the air and letting the piss just cover you." "Oh shit, that would have been hot." I said "So you did plan on having Crash fuck me sometime? How'd you know of I'd be into it?" He chuckled "Well, you're such a dirty girl I knew eventually we'd end up testing that limit. I was planning on threatening making you give him a blowjob to test the waters. I had a feeling you'd bite.... So to speak"Thank you all so much for reading and hopefully enjoying my depraved session. Please let me know what you think and if you'd like to hear more of my kinky stories! Many more fun times to be had with my husband and Crash I'm sure! (Tom's been making me wait again since that night, god I need to cum~)