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and enjoy六月丁香婷婷色狠狠久久

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and enjoy六月丁香婷婷色狠狠久久

I sat forward on the edge of the pool, my feet dangling in the clear water. My hands behind me, I leaned back with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation of the warm mouth sliding smoothly along the full length of my engorged cock. There’s nothing better than a blow-job at the end of stressful day to ease one’s cares away. Widowed by a drunken driver five years earlier, I’d thought my opportunities of this kind were lost for good, then . . . I met Shelly. Though ten-years her senior, my life-long diligence, keeping in shape and eating right, was amply rewarded. We’d been introduced by a mutual friend who recognized our shared need for each other; and so I found myself on this sunny afternoon the recipient of incredible pleasure. Shelly is twenty-six, petit at 5-foot, four-inches, and her auburn hair usually clipped at the nape of her neck in a loose twist. With fair skin that tans nicely, the sparse freckles on her nose and cheeks complement her baby-face fetchingly. She has a laugh that sparkles and a spirit that attracts sunshine. At that moment, the attribute she possesses that I was most appreciative of, was an eye popping, perfect figure . . . 34D-24-35, and all her’s from nature. Her tee-shirt and shorts were slung wetly across the diving board, as mine floated in the water beside her. The high fence around our backyard provides complete privacy and outdoor nudity is our norm on most days at home. I opened my eyes and looked down admiringly at the white globes suspended in the water between my knees, nipples and areolas the color of Nestle’s powder pertly aroused in their centers. Shelly bobbed her head on my prick, grasping my shaft expertly as she endeavored to milk white seed from my throbbing tool. We had been married almost a year, and I believed completely that I had found heaven on earth. The Chief Financial Officer in my firm, my income provides a better than average sustenance, even if the stress frequently deters our leisure. On this particular day, Shelly’s text-message had instructed me to change quickly and meet her at the pool as soon as I arrived home. Undressing each other outdoors, or in the pool usually initiates our foreplay, and my prick swelled in anticipation of a romantic romp. I walked into the empty house and changed as instructed, making my way hurriedly through the sliding glass doors to the backyard. A cold gin and tonic awaited me on the ledge of our cabana bar, as Bob Marley’s soft voice and rhythm tempered the ambiance delectably. Kissing passionately and caressing each other with certain and knowing touches, we made our way into the pool before beginning to undress each other. Then, nude and surrounded by the perfect environment Shelly had positioned me on the edge of the pool saying, “This is for you Baby . . . a little gift to take the pressure away,” as she softly kissed my erection and slowly lowered her mouth around the bulbous, purple head. She engulfed me completely, slowly sliding down until her lips almost touched my balls. She extended her tongue and caressed my scrotum softly before raising again to the tip. My cock was coated with her saliva and glistened in the afternoon sun. Her skill at fellatio is beyond incredible. She can take me completely with no seeming effort and does so without reluctance or hesitation. I’ve never asked her for oral sex; the girl simply loves giving me head.The awesome sensations now pulsing though my being, radiating outward from my penis to every point of my body were helped by the gin’s affect and I found myself relaxing completely. Shelly knew exactly how to please, and was doing so at this moment. She stroked me, sliding and twisting her hand around my cock, moving it away to engulf me completely, then resuming her stroking again. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingle and heat of ejaculation begin to surge through my loins. As my cock swelled in announcement, Shelly removed her hand and drove onto me fully, moving her mouth in short strokes at the hilt of my pole. My hips rocked upward instinctively and I felt hot streams of my cum shoot into my wife’s waiting throat. She held herself at full depth and took most of the load, swallowing as I fired. She pulled back allowing the last couple of streams to land on her outstretched tongue and her lips. My eyes had been closed as I came, and I now opened them to watch as she ran her tongue over her lips and sexily pulled my semen into her mouth and swallowed before lowering to kiss away the remnants of cum still glistening on the head of my prick.I leaned back onto my arms and raised my head enjoying a deep sigh after this mind-blowing orgasm. At first, what I saw did not register in my still numbed mind . . . but there, across the pool and sitting quietly in a chaise-lounge steamer was Erica, Shelly’s younger sister. We’d met at our wedding, but I really didn’t know too much about her other than the fact that she was the baby of the family and twenty-years old. Erica lived in the northern part of the State, and we only saw her occasionally. Today, she was nude beneath a translucent wrap opened in the front, and held a glass of white wine in her hand. Her nipples were almost covered by the thin fabric of her robe, with an impressive cleavage at the convergence of her breasts. A blond tuft outlined the mound above where her crossed legs hid her pussy from my full view and there was no pretense of surprise or embarrassment on her face. The open lust in her eyes revealed a sexual creature on the prowl. My body stiffened with the shock of this realization and Shelly placed her hands on my thighs to allay my response. “I said that this was a gift, just for you,” she said.“Yes, but you didn’t mention that we weren’t alone,” I nearly stammered. “Just relax, and enjoy,” Shelly consoled. My reptilian mind had already decided for the rest of me, I was doing just that! As I watched, Erica sat her wine-glass down and stood beside the chaise. Her long, blond hair was ruffled by a soft breeze as she took the edges of her wrap at the front and slid the sheer garment off her shoulders, letting it fall softly to the ground around her feet. Her breasts were duplicates of Shelly’s except her nipples were slightly higher from center and pointed upward. Her pussy was framed by a neatly trimmed blond-bush and I could see that while her skin was deeply tanned, there were no tan-lines; she was like us, a practicing naturist. My flaccid prick began to stir in Shelly’s hand. “So, you approve then?” she asked demurely. “She . . . she’s beautiful, you know that,” I stuttered, trying to retain my composure (this was all a bit sudden, after all).“Yes, she’s pretty, and she’s a wild-thing to boot,” Shelly smiled, motioning for Erica to join us. Erica stepped to the edge of the pool and dove smoothly into the water. More than beautiful, she was absolutely stunning. As I watched, it seemed time went into slow motion and I could see her full breasts sway from her chest, her hair flow out behind her as she splashed into the pool, and her long and perfect her legs slipping into the waves. Beneath the surface of the water, her skin was bright, reflecting the warm sunshine of the late afternoon. Shelly whispered to me just before Erica breached the surface, “Enjoy, Lover!” Erica reached our side of the pool, and stood in the waist-deep water beside her sister, her wet hair framing her beautiful face. My cock rose to full attention at the sight of these two incredibly sexy babes, with bodies that so closely resembled each other’s. I had no idea how things would proceed, and simply settled back to enjoy whatever developed. Shelly reached out, caressing Erica’s firm, aroused breasts. Erica leaned forward and drew Shelly’s mouth to her own and the two exchanged a deep, deep kiss. Their tongues entwined, as did their arms, encircling each other and roaming across their smooth, tanned skin. The sight of their breasts pressed together, their hips bumping and grinding was literally the sexist thing I’d ever seen in my life.Stepping slightly backward, Erica leaned and took Shelly’s right nipple into her moist lips, suckling as she reached and drew her fingers along the length of her sister’s slit below the water. I watched as Shelly shuddered at this contact, my cock throbbing in sync with my racing pulse. Unconsciously, I stroked my cock at the sight of the girls’ wanton display. They quickly became lost in each other, soft moans and purrs emanating from filled lips as they sucked, kissed, and fondled each other’s assets. Shelly broke away briefly and smiled up, past my rock-hard prick, as she leaned and kissed it on the tip. “Don’t go away, we’ll be right with you,” she grinned. Erica quickly stepped over and without using her hands sucked my cock into her hot mouth and slid easily to the hilt, the ability obviously a family trait. She slowly withdrew and winked up as I plopped out of her mouth, “Yeah, don’t go anywhere . . . we have plans for you!” Both the women then leaned in and pressed their lips against my pole, running their tongues up and down along my length from either side. This action elicited a string of pre-cum from my slitted piss-hole as I clinched my hips, which Erica lustily caught into her mouth. “Yummy,” she said, licking her tongue hotly across her bright lips. The sisters turned toward the pool steps, wringing their wet hair as they climbed out of the water.I was struck again at how incredibly identical their bodies appeared as the fading afternoon sun washed over them. Behind where I sat with my feet still emerged in the water, another chaise steamer sat on a raised wooden deck, surrounded by ample flowering plants. An oversized beach towel had been arranged on the lounge with a small duffle on the deck beside it. Shelly led Erica to the lounge and sat her at the foot, her feet squarely on the deck, her legs spread revealing her blond-thatched cunt. Erica lay back and nestled into the towel, massaging her breasts and tweaking her full nipples. Shelly knelt between her spread knees and drew the duffle toward her. She extracted a blue, silicon, double-dong about sixteen inches long and nearly two-inches in diameter.Placing the toy against Erica’s swollen pussy lips, Shelly began to slowly penetrate her warm depths deliciously. Reaching a point where Erica seemed to become slightly uncomfortable, Shelly withdrew the double slowly to the tip. Erica’s moisture coated it liberally and Shelly slowly began to push it back inside her sex. After a few slow, full strokes, Shelly reinserted the rubber rod to the cervix, and switched to a short stroke, barely moving in and out. Erica’s moans grew louder and a pained expression etched ecstacy on her face. Shelly continued to rubber-fuck her sister’s pussy for a few minutes as Erica lay writhing beneath her skilled ministrations. Clearly, these girls had played these games before. Keeping one hand in the area of her swollen bud, and without missing a beat, Shelly replaced the double with a small curved vibrator from the duffle. First running across Erica’s swollen clitoral hood, then tracing a pattern over and around her moist lips, Shelly expertly manipulated the toy inside and obviously found that walnut sized dream-spot in the upper arch of her sister’s beautiful snatch. Erica let out a whimpering scream as she neared her first release. I watched from the edge of the pool, awestruck at the scene unfolding before me. Erica’s legs convulsed and her hips were thrust into an arch as she pressed down with her feet. She pulled at her peaked nipples and moaned loudly. As her climax intensified, Erica began a mantra expressing her utter joy, “Oh, fuck me baby. Yes! Fuck! Oh, fuck! Fucking shit . . . oh, fuck my pussy. Fuck me! YESSSSSSS!” Her head was tossed from side to side as she continued to thrust upwardly with her hips. Shelly continued contact with the small buzzing-wand until Erica finally reached and pushed her sister’s hand away,99久久精品免费观看国产 too sensitive to take any more at the moment. Erica’s eyes rolled about dreamily and Shelly leaned forward and kissed her wetly at her clitoris, an action that drew even deeper moans from Erica’s lips. Though I had cum a short time before, my cock throbbed painfully as I watched the sisters play. As Erica recovered from her intense release, she raised onto her elbows and looked lustily toward me. “It’s Shelly’s turn to cum, Baby,” she breathed passionately. “How’re we gonna do her?” Shelly interrupted, “Let’s go sixty-nine with me on top so Bill can get me from behind. That way, we’ll all be in play.” “Somebody fucking pinch me,” I thought, standing to move closer to the action. “My wife and her sister are going down on each other, while I watch, and my wife wants me inside her with my balls essentially bouncing on her sister’s face while I fuck her from behind.” Erica wasted no time in rising from the lounge and pulling the cushion onto the deck beside it. She lay back and Shelly knelt, positioning her knees on either side of her sister’s blond head. Leaning forward, she bent down until her lips were mere inches from the downy-blond landing strip on Erica’s mons. Pursing her lips, she blew softly into the manicured pubes before extending her tongue to the swollen clitty below. At contact, Erica drew in a sharp breath and arched her back upward. She reached, grasping Shelly by the hips, and pulled her older sister’s moist pussy down to her face. Again, their breasts pressed together, and they humped passionately at each other in the throes of delight. My cock was virtually spewing pre-cum as I positioned myself at Shelly’s uplifted cunt. Placing the head of my prick against her perineum, I slide easily into her dripping twat, enjoying the initial resistance of her inner-labia. The pressures applied against my penis at that point, while slight, are extremely satisfying. I’ve made Shelly cum by staying just insider her, and rocking softly against that first grasping sensation in her pussy. I could see Erica’s face, inches below my pistoning prick, and felt my balls bump slightly against her. Both girls moaned into each others muff, and the aromatic bouquet of their frenzied pussy-feast introduced ample pheromones to my heightened senses. My cock was so hard it almost hurt, and I made a swishing sound as I moved within Shelly’s moisture. Erica reached up and I felt her fingers in contact with my dick as I slide in and out of her sister’s pussy. She spread her hand and extended two fingers on either side of my rod, pressing against Shelly’s clit with her thumb and squeezing me tightly in the process. I noticed that Shelly had also inserted two fingers inside Erica’s opening and was quickly thrusting in and out of her pussy while giving her cunnilingus. The air was filled with “ohs,” “ahhhs,” and moans, with the occasional “Oh, Baby” thrown into the mix. Shelly was the first to cum and reached back with one hand, trying to pull me deeper inside her love canal as she thrust herself against me. She grunted with each wave of her orgasm keeping her mouth buried in her sister’s thrashing pussy, roughly humping against me as she came. My hands were placed on her sides above her hips and I rode her like a thoroughbred in heat. The hot mixture of sensations as my orgasm began were intense as I felt my balls tighten to unload. I continued rocketing back and forth, semen beginning to pump from the slit in my prick. I’d pushed about four hot streams inside Shelly’s throbbing pussy when Erica grasped my cock and pulled down on an outward stroke. She jacked me with her hand and grasped the head of my spewing cock into her mouth, drinking hungrily as I sprayed into her throat. With her mouth still clamped around my prick, Erica’s orgasmic moans vibrated through me as she came. With obvious waves of intense erotica, she grunted against me over and over again. Our writhing heap began to uncoil as I stepped back and sank to my knees. Shelly rolled to the side and lay beside Erica on the deck, a sexy cream-pie dripping from her wet pussy. I’d cum twice, but seeing the sisters stretched naked before me, I wasn’t quite ready to call it a wrap. The three of us recovered, catching our breath and enjoying the rush of endorphin surging through our bodies. Shelly smiled up at me and asked, “How’s that for some afternoon delight?”“I’ve never had it so good,” I replied honestly, still awestruck at the whole idea. “Well, I tell ya, Erica really needs to feel your thick cock inside her tight little pussy,” Shelly purred in a comical parody of John Wayne’s drawl. “Ya up for one more round Big Fella?”Laughing at her sister’s spoof, Erica maneuvered to her knees in front of me where I now stood on the deck. Taking my half-erect shaft in her delicate hand, she leaned and kissed the tip and licked my slit with her tongue. “I’ll have this baby ready for action in no time,” she said. My foreskin doesn’t cover the head of my prick, even when I’m soft, and Erica pulled me back fully exposing the shining tip. She leaned, taking me in with one smooth swallow and drove to the hilt. Holding me deeply, I felt her running her tongue across the veined bottom of my cock. She made a swallowing action and could feel the contraction of her throat tighten against me. As I swelled to full erection, Erica was forced to pull away, sucking tightly with her lips as she did. If her goal was getting me hard, she achieved complete success. The sun had slipped below the horizon and I noticed that Shelly was moving about the deck, lighting the Tiki torches arranged around the pool area. The glow of the lamps in the twilight cast incredibly sexy shadows as I watched Erica rock slowly up and down the length of my penis. The music from earlier had stopped, and the silent sounds of twilight washed even more erotically over our senses. Shelly rejoined us, and knelt watching her little sister’s enthusiastic ministrations to my throbbing shaft. The love of fellatio was something they certainly held in common. Not only did they love sucking cock, they were both incredible gifted at doing so.“I want to play,” Shelly purred lustily, directing Erica to lie back on the cushion.Erica did, and drew her knees up with her hands spreading her blond-crested pussy open in front of me. Her swollen inner-lips were wet with her sex, a slight trail of fluid running down across her small pinkish anus. I placed my knees against her buns and leaned forward to rest my hands beside her shoulders. My thickened cock now rested against her downy patch. Drawing me hips back, my prick fell in alignment with her cunt. I eased forward and felt the engagement of her pussy as I became engulfed in her heat.Again, time seemed to slow to a crawl. I could sense Erica’s inner lips spread to except my girth, then re-close around the tip of my dick. In all I’ve ever experienced sexually, this sensation is the pinnacle of them all to me. I rocked my hips back and forth a few times to repeat the sensation, then with Erica’s encouraging hands on my ass drawing me forward, I slid wetly into her depths at last. While the sisters looked so much alike, the feeling of their pussy’s was quite different. Neither could be thought better, but the variety between them something I found to be extremely stimulating. Erica’s moisture thoroughly lubricated our fucking, and I slide wondrously within her tight tunnel. I moved my legs to straddle hers and leaned forward placing my arm beneath her head, holding her close against my chest. I drew my knees forward and trust in quick stabs, feeling the contact of her delicious breasts against me.I rocked back on my haunches to take longer strokes, and Shelly moved to join us. My hands were rested against Erica’s hips, and the slap of our coupled flesh echoed across the yard. Shelly straddled Erica’s face and lowered her still-creamed pussy to her sister’s opened mouth. The thought that my cum was now being dribbled into my sister-in-law’s lips sent a shock of heat throughout my being. Erica drank my cum from Shelly’s writhing pussy with relish. Shelly leaned forward and kissed me deeply and with passion. The triangle we formed was titillating beyond my dreams, driving me to the brink rather quickly. Pumping wildly into Erica’s incredibly tight, wet pussy, I felt the tingle and fire of ejaculation burst from my loins. Shelly pinched my nipples as I fired and the added sensation of her kiss and touch inflamed my orgasm like none before. I’d shot a lot of sperm since we began, but still felt the heat of my seed as it washed back over my cock inside Erica’s milking twat. At my first blast, Erica squealed into Shelly’s pussy, “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming. Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! YES! YES! Oh, Baby, that’s so fucking hot. I feel your hot cum in my pussy. Don’t fucking stop! Fuck me hard. HARD! Aunggghhhhh . . .”Shelly began to cum at almost the same instant. She raised slightly off Erica’s face where Erica’s moaning vibrated through her climax. My arms were now entwined with Shelly’s and we held each other from falling as I continued to pump my semen into her sister’s incredible cunt. As each of us came down from our mutual climaxes, we settled into a small cross-legged circle on the deck. Erica leaned and kissed me deeply and I tasted my spunk mixed with my wife’s sex as well. Shelly then kissed me, before leaning over and sharing the same with Erica. “That was fucking incredible,” was all I could say at that moment. “Thanks for a wonderful evening!” “You’re welcome, Lover,” Shelly smiled at me. The three of us moved together to an outdoor shower I’d installed a couple of summers before and washed each other under the glow of the flickering torches. We caressed and kissed, fondling each other all the while. We dried each other with towels, blew out the lamps around the pool and made our way inside the house. Passing our quest room, Erica continued with Shelly and me into our bedroom. The California-King was turned down, waiting for our arrival. “I have to pee,” Erica said, making her way into the master-bathroom. “You get the middle Bill, and I’ll be right back.”“I hate to see her go,” I winked, smiling at Shelly. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime occurrence, never to be repeated.“Oh, didn’t I mention? Erica has decided to attend State here in town. She’ll be staying with us until a dorm opens on campus,” Shelly smiled. “I know I said this evening was a gift to you, and I mean for it to be, but, well . . ., I need to help Erica stay focused on school. Let’s not give her a reason to be romantically distracted for a while. You don’t mind do you?” At that moment, Erica returned from the bathroom, still nude and even more sexy under the accent lighting in our bedroom. And now, my wife has given me responsibility to keep her little sister sexually satiated. If I’m dreaming, I’ll kill the bastard that wakes me!