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“Hey Mr. Font两个人免费观看视频图片

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“Hey Mr. Font两个人免费观看视频图片

What is wrong with me?My wife, the woman of my dreams, and most perfect girl in the world, had never gotten me to cum with just her hands and mouth.But on lunch break of the first day back teaching high school Algebra, Becky, my teenage adulteress cheerleader, and while only a virgin up until I took that from her a month ago, became the first woman in my whole life to succeed where dozens had failed.At one Greek fund raiser in college I made over $200 proving that fact for the chagrin of many friends and girlfriends, even Rachel, my future wife, was one of the ‘contestants’.But that one simple act had changed my whole world.Before then I was a husband who loved his wife, and was just helping out a young woman with self discovery and loose some sexual needs that my wife couldn’t meet at the time.Afterwords I couldn’t keep that fantasy.On some level I had to admit to myself that I loved Becky.I still loved my wife, and now… I was so confused.I want to be a good man.A good husband.A good father.A good… adulterer?Polygamist?Cheating bastard, more like.God damn my complicated life.I felt like a robot.The next day Becky was a proper student the whole day, and that afternoon I went to her house, on schedule.I followed her up to her room, and she sat me on her bed.I think she realized I was in a quandary because she decided to entertain me and danced for me as she stripped from her school clothes.She took control and soon was riding my rigid cock into oblivion, hey young body sucking up the cum that my body had no choice but to yield to her eager womb.Soon I showered, dressed, kissed her goodbye, and then went home.Judy was just about to leave as she and Rachel had been talking at the dinner table over tea. I assembled my teaching papers a bit for tomorrow before bed and almost routinely found that as the night grew late, with a few kisses and gentle rubs from Rachel, my wife was soon riding my cock, same as my younger lover had been only four hours ago.As a fresh dose of my semen was pulled from my overactive balls and collected now by my wife’s fervent pussy, I wondered if I was in control of my life at all, or did the women in my life just take what they wanted from me.Did they love me for me, or just my cock?Did I love them or was it just animal instinct?I felt emotionally lost in a sea of love.I wanted to lash out, explode in angst, take it out on someone like I kind of had with Becky in the classroom, but I couldn’t do that again.The next day I called and explained to Rachelthat another of my students was looking for help, Lisa Cohen, one of Becky’s classmates, with prepping for the SAT’s, but unlike Becky, she was actually interested in the test.Rachel was OK with this, while when I told Becky after class about it she was unsure.I think she was worried that I’d drop her for the next girl to come along, but she said she understood.On Thursday morning things were going as normal, even Becky and Lisa’s class until it ended and then both girls came forward to my desk at the same time.Becky confidently spoke to me like it was a job, “Hey Mr. Font, I was talking about the tutoring you were giving me with Lisa, and she’d like to come over to study with us after school at my place.Would that be OK?”She would have won the Oscar had this been filmed.I think she was setting up to make sure that I would do anything with Lisa.It hurt a little that she didn’t trust me, but she was just being as territorial as she could without seeming to be.“Well, it’s your mother’s house Rebecca, so as long as she knows it’s OK with me.”Not even her mother calls her Rebecca, and I’d remembered back when I’d had her as a much younger student when I had been teaching sixth grade and she had made a stink about being called her full name.I don’t think the message was lost on her, but she just smiled and said, “Sure, no problem.See ya then.”Lisa then quietly thanked me and followed Becky out the door into the noisy hallway and out of sight.Lunch was quiet as I sat and ate in piece.Then I spied Christine Johnson, the young biology teacher right across the hall from him.She had just started, fresh out of an Ivy League college last year, only in her mid-twenties.She was very shy and quiet when not talking about science, but she was pretty in that librarian sort of fashion.She had simple but stylish glasses and wore her brown hair in a tight bun on her head.Thinking that I haven’t talked to her much in over a month I picked up my food and walked across the hall and into her room.She looked nervous as I entered, but in a way she didn’t often look with me.We’d always been friendly after we’d gotten to work across from each other last year, but this year had been so crazy so far that I didn’t really blame her.“Hi Christine.Mind if I eat with you?”“Oh… Uh… No… Please.”She stammered.I sat on her desk and we ate.I tried again to bring up something to talk about, “So, I’m a father of twin girls.”I fished out my wallet and held out a picture of them to her.“This one is Kristine and that’s Katherine… or at least I think that’s the way it is, they are twins,” I laughed.She laughed a little and smiled, but it looked like something was bothering her, but she didn’t say what.“They are very beautiful,” she instead said simply, and we continued on with lunch in silence and I noticed her cheeks were flushing.I was used to her normally being a shy person, but I’d thought I’d broken her shell as she used to talk animatedly about her class and students just a month ago.I almost laughed out loud as I remembered her blushing fiercely one day we had lunch last year.It took some gentle pressing to find out what was wrong, but she eventually withdrew a folded piece of notebook paper from her desk and handed it to me.On it was a sketch of her, but naked, with huge breasts compared to her real not too small breasts, and her lower abdomen was transparent, showing all her reproductive tract in quit nice detail, including a growing baby in her uterus.She then talked in an almost frantic state about how a young male student had given this to her with his homework and had been very proud of it, but as soon as she’d seen it she was terribly worried about what to do about it.I had told her at the time to ignore it and if he gave her another to refuse it, say it was flattering, but that is more the realm of art than science.She thought that made sense and took back the artwork and hid it back in her desk.She never mentioned anything like that again.She’d been flustered at the time, and her manner now reminded me of that instance.It was cute really, and I must have made a sound because she blushed even more as she stared at me.“Did something happen in class?” I asked, “Another young artist this year?I didn’t think you did reproduction until much later in the year though?”Christine looked confused at first, but then remembered and blushed even harder as she remembered the incident of last year.“Oh… A… No… But...” she was at a total loss of words.I gave her a few moments to collect her thoughts.She seemed to buckle under any pressure from others and I’d mentioned many times how she had to really stand up for herself more.One time I’d happened to notice how she was letting kids come in late to her class last year.A few well practiced and stern words the next day did the trick and she was ecstatic at how well it had worked, but rarely had the words on the spot when presented with a social problem.She took a deep breath and looked like she was in confession when she spoke quietly, but without looking me in the eye.“I saw Rebecca Whitmore in your class at lunch yesterday.”<CRACK!> went my brain.I thought my world was about to collapse.I knew this house of cards that I’d build would crash down eventually, but I never thought it would be caused by sweet and shy Christine.“Oh…” was all I could say.The room was completely silent for several minutes, both of us blushing, thinking nervously.Eventually I spoke again, “I never meant for that to happen, but she… Becky… is very forward.”And again the room returned to silence.Christine finally spoke up, “So… you’ve had sex with her?”Panic attack!Do I lie or tell the truth.I was so nervous that I knew I couldn’t lie convincingly.It would just come out forced, so I had no choice and confessed with a whispered, “Yes.”I couldn’t look at her after I’d said it so I just looked at my lunch in still more silence until my watch beeped loudly in the empty room.‘Saved by the bell!’I thought as I turned off my warning alarm before the end of lunch, I just wished it’d come three minutes earlier.Thinking quickly I stood and said, “Look, I promise I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow at lunch, just please… don’t tell anyone until you know the whole story?”I looked at her hopefully.I finally looked at her again and she looked shocked still, like I’d told her I just killed her cat.“Lunch tomorrow… OK?” I repeated, and then the end of lunch school bell rang.I couldn’t wait for her, and just ducked out into the hall and walked back to my own and dumped my half-eaten lunch into the trash.I wasn’t hungry anymore anyway.Classes went by maddeningly slowly, and the end of day couldn’t come fast enough.I was flustered and distracted, and quickly got in my car and drove straight home.Strode strait into my bedroom and was promptly confronted with an unexpected scene.There was my wife, naked on the bed, but she wasn’t alone.On top of her, equally naked was Judy Whitmore, Becky’s mother and our one-time threesome partner, with one hand with fingers probing my wife’s pussy and her mouth latched onto one of her lactating breasts.She slurped up her mouthful of baby-milk and they both shrieked in surprise as I’d burst in on them so quickly.I was in shock as I’d not expected to find this.Almost sensing the tension the two babies in their cribs, now in the living room started to cry.Rachel, almost in tears, ran to them past me while Judy, still quite naked, stood and put her hands on her hips after flipping her wild red hair back from her face.“What are you doing here mister!” she said sternly.“What?” I couldn’t think, too many things were happening to me today.“It is Thursday.You’re supposed to be tutoring Becky and her friend at my house.”She just stared me down, but I found my eyes dropping from hers to her lovely giant breasts that were just pointing out at me.She sighed loudly and grabbed one of my wife’s robes, putting it on to cover herself than walked closer to me.Getting my attention back to those harsh emerald eyes of hers, looking at me like a mother scolding her child.“Ed, Becky called me to ask if a friend of hers could get some tutoring in Algebra for her SAT’s also… At my house… Remember?”That turned my light bulb on.“Oh right!Lisa Cohen, damn!”I turned and with that back in my mind ran out the door, back into my car and sped to the Whitmore house.On arriving I normally would find Becky waiting for me at the door, but this time did not.I rang the doorbell and only waited a few seconds until I heard quick, hard footfalls coming down the stairs by the door.Becky, smiling brightly and breathing a little quickly opened the door.“Mr. Font,18禁网站 please come in.Lisa is in my room, please,” she said ushering me in and up the stairs.I didn’t look behind me but could sense Becky following me up and I quickly turned and entered her pink room to see Lisa looking up from her book at Becky’s desk.Becky peeled off into another room and quickly brought in another chair for me before throwing herself roughly onto her bed.I looked at her seriously and she shot back, “I’ve only GOT two chairs upstairs.It is OK, I like the bed.I do some of my best studying here.”She smiled as the inside joke and I quickly turned away back to the desk and pulled out an SAT prep book and began to get into actually teaching how to take the math section of the SATs.It seemed so strange to now actually be doing what Becky and I had used as a cover story to our affair.It was almost relaxing except for the simple silent movements Becky would make sometimes when Lisa was deep in thought bent over her book; a simple brushed hand on her breast, a flip of her hair, or crossing and uncrossing her legs.I tried to ignore it but suddenly felt my pants tighten with the familiar sensation of my Long Tom becoming erect, almost to spite my mental discipline.I was sitting next to the desk and tired to keep my test book on my crotch to conceal the bulge in my trousers and continued working.“Is this correct Mr. Font?” Becky asked innocently from her bed, leaving me no choice but to stand and move toward the bed to see her notebook.While I looked over it she lightly ran one hand slowly up my leg.I nervously looked over the work, and checked that it was right, which I was surprised was actually starting to contain some errors.Just as she touched my groin and felt my cock that was already rock hard and smiled.I cleared my throat, “Actually Becky, you seem to have made some mistakes here…” I dropped my red pen to her paper and marked the place, “and here…” and continued to make several more marks.“You need to pay more attention in class.I just went over these areas the other day.”She seemed shocked and withdrew to check her work.She’d always been a top student and it looked like she was really upset to have even a single mistake in her work.She may be a cheerleader, but she took school very seriously.My cock, now free of her hand, was throbbing though, and I felt sure that Lisa would see my discomfort if I tried to sit back next to her at the desk, so instead told them to keep working while I used the bathroom.The upstairs bathroom was right across the hall from Becky’s bedroom and I quickly slipped in.Alone at last I sighed and unzipped my pants, loosing my erection to the cool air.I stood over the toilet, willing my body and mind to try and switch gears.It took a few moments before my bladder engaged and an awkward angled stream of urination missed the toilet bowl by a few inches.I quickly corrected, and as I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting the stress flow out of me.I softened as I peed, and when I finished I was able to tuck back my mostly soft cock back in my pants.I used some toilet paper to clean up my missed spray, flushed the toilet.I looked in the mirror and said silently to myself, “SATs, SATs, SATs…”, and then left to return back to my students.Becky had taken my seat and was now actively talking with Lisa, hopefully about math.I got there and sure enough they were both working together to help each other out, double checking each other’s work.I wanted to get up and leave, returning home, but then my mind flashed to the scene I’d last had there with Judy making lesbian love to my wife.I felt hurt and betrayed, but realized that was silly.I’d watched that kind of display and been totally turned on when I was their center of attention.But I was excluded from their tryst today.God, now it came to me what Judy said that day about all girls being a little bit bi!She’d really been having sex with my wife all along!How had I not known!“Mr. Font?” Lisa was looking at me, “are you OK?”“Oh sorry,” I stammered, I just remembered something I’d forgotten.I put it all out of my mind and focused on numbers.The rest of the study session was finally productive with all three of us actually concentrating.I was unrelenting on the girls, double checking each line of equations and teaching them to perfect their math for several hours.When the downstairs door opened and closed it snapped me out of my mathematical focus, and I finally realized how tired of math my two students had become.They looked ready to bolt for the exit with my attention distracted.“That’s enough for today then.”They breathed easy and I gathered up my papers.We all proceeded down the stairs and were greeted by Judy all smiles meeting Lisa and being as formal as they had been calling Mr. Font, making me call her Mrs. Whitmore back.Lisa had to get home before dark since her learners permit didn’t cover that and with the autumn the sun was setting sooner, so she quickly left, thanking me profusely.I was going to take the opening to leave as well, but Judy stopped me asking, “Mr. Font, do you have a moment?”Lisa was still there saying goodbye to Becky, leaving me no choice but to join her in the kitchen.She looked me dead on and hushed so the kids wouldn’t hear, “I hope you don’t have a problem with what you saw earlier today?”I was flustered and wanted to accuse her of stealing my wife, but realized how hypocritical of me that would be, having deflowered her daughter, and even nailed her once, granted while my wife was there for that one.After a moment of confused emotions warring within me, I almost pouted out, “No.”She just smiled and said, “Silly man, she still loves you.She just has a lot of pent up energy being kooked up all day at home, and I’ll admit I kind of started it.”I must have looked at her funny because she shrugged and looked at me, “What?Just because I’m a mother doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have fun too?”That made too much sense for me to argue with.“Besides,” she continued, “I'm not looking for a husband right now.Maybe after Becky goes to college, but that makes this arrangement perfect, right Honey?”Then she kissed me on my cheek and proceeded to take a baby bottle out of the microwave and tested its temperature on her wrist.“Now hurry home.I calmed her, but she really needs you to accept and love her.”She then moved into the living room and there on the table were my twin girls.She removed a pacifier from one and put the bottle to her tiny mouth.“Don’t worry about the girls, I’ve done this before.”I must have been in a state of shock because my legs moved me out of her home almost as if by themselves.I was driving home, but only barely aware it.Then I was entering my house, walking into the kitchen and saw Rachel sitting at the table with the only light coming from the candle lit there.She had made dinner for the two of us, but her eyes were like wet glass, as if she was about to cry again.I felt I had no choice but to show her I still loved her as best as I could so I came over and kissed her, lifting her from the seat, and carried her back to our bedroom.I laid her down, kissing her deeply once more and embraced her with all my might, feeling the tears in my eyes as well.She wore only a simple nightgown and I soon had my hands inside it, cupping her milk engorged breasts that had grown quite a bit, while her belly steadily shrunk of its extra weight from her pregnancy.I had samples her milk before and soon was doing so again, sucking it right from the teat like I’d seen Judy doing earlier that day.I contented to swapping between breasts, lashing the sharp nipples with my tongue and lips, while she just moaned in ecstasy.I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my pants, not even taking them off, but just withdrawing my hardened member and sliding between her smoothly shaved naked legs.Maybe it was just because I’d not taken Becky this afternoon like I’d normally done, or all the sexual tension of the day, but I made love to my wife with desperation.I was still fully dressed except for my pants that were sliding down my legs awkwardly, but I didn’t care.Her silky nightgown, now only having a few buttons left buttoned, cascaded around her hips, tickling my driving cock further.This wasn’t the same as the brutal fucking I’d done the last time I was with Becky, but intense love-making.It wasn’t hard or fast, but deep and strong.I withdrew a little, and then slid back in firmly, trying desperately to merge with her and prove that we were one and never come apart again.Before I knew it my love poured out of me and filled the space between us.It collapsed onto her chest and we just lay there for some time.Eventually my little guy returned to his normal state, sliding with a wet plop from her filled vagina.This set us to giggles and I kissed Rachel once again.The realized what I had done.“I’m sorry my love, you didn’t cum did you?”“That’s not important,” she smiled at me with wet eyes and hugged me tight again.We lay there a little longer before I had to stand and get undressed.Then I took her hand and helped her up.“Where are we going?”She asked.“Why, to eat your lovely dinner, my love.”We then ate the cooling dinner in the kitchen, under candle light, completely nude.